The Label

On May 2011 it was born the new digital label "5 DOTS RECORDS".

Based in VICENZA - ITALY the label is the result of collaboration between some of the most creative italian producers in the area.

The label is mostly aimed at House music production with all its variants (Dubstep, Commercial, Electro, Trance, Club, Electro-pop, Dance, etc ...).
The label can count on the support of producers, remixers, singers, professionals who have dozens of pieces to their credit.
Among the most popular, we quote M. Percali,  A. Castaman, P. Stocchero, M. Cappello and not least the famous European DJ L. Gaggia and the American singer James Lee Roland.
If you're a DJ/producer who consider itself compatible with our type of music, send us your demo through the dedicated section and show the world what you can do.





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